When it comes to corporate social responsibility, SUN Roestvaststaal makes conscious choices to achieve an optimum balance between people, the planet and profitability. We take responsibility for the impact that our business operations may have on people and the environment. For SUN Roestvaststaal, CSR is a process and not an end in itself. It is a way of life.

SUN Roestvaststaal always takes the environment into consideration and takes responsibility for its place in the chain. Thanks to innovation, our concern for the environment is not a costly activity, but a conscious choice to take responsibility for the future.


As a company, we are continuously looking for ways to lift the knowledge and expertise of our staff to new heights. We do this by actively participating as a work placement company for the coaching and training of enthusiastic young people in our fields of expertise, but also by offering opportunities to those returning to the jobs market, regardless of their background and/or level of education.

Health and safety is high on our list of priorities. We go beyond merely conforming to working conditions and environmental legislation: we feel that a safe and healthy workplace is important for the enthusiasm of our staff and essential for providing a good team performance.


SUN supplies stainless steel, a product that is not only high quality, but also sustainable. It lasts a lifetime! When processing stainless steel into products, we get the maximum yield from tubing and sheet metal. We use any remaining pieces of stainless steel in suitable products. Waste pieces that are left after that are recycled.


We work with modern machinery, which means that we make efficient use of power. During the past 3 years, we have managed to reduce our energy costs by 20%. Innovation of the production process and machinery should not only lead to a better product, but should also make a positive contribution to the environment.