Core values and ambition

Core values

Our core values reflect SUN Roestvaststaal’s identity. They indicate not only what we do, but how we work and perhaps even more: why we work the way we do.

Core values also help to promote cooperation and to realise our ambitions. We apply the following core values when implementing our core tasks:

  • Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm for our product and our business.
  • Together: We work together at the company, but also with clients and suppliers, so that we can achieve our shared ambitions.
  • Continuous improvement: As a company, we want to continue to learn, assess, evaluate, develop and push boundaries.
  • Reliable: We are trusted by those around us and want to be viewed as a careful and reliable partner, continuing to build on our solid foundation.

We work with enthusiasm, together with others, from a reliable base and aiming at continuous improvement.


Our core values at SUN Roestvaststaal reflect the ambition that flows through our veins. We are proud of our company and aspire to be the stainless steel specialist with the highest customer satisfaction levels.

Our mission and core values ensure that we know the client as no other. As a result, we are continuously getting better at meeting their needs. This is how we develop special products. In the process, we think proactively along with our clients and come up with innovations before our clients ask for them. We continue to innovate to exceed our clients’ expectations.